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Onebagwanderlust is an all-encompassing travel website that offers information on worldwide city excursions including where to stay, where to eat, what to do, maps, how to get cheap airfare and which travel credit cards are the best for redeeming and accruing points.

My goal is to give you the confidence to grab a bag and fly off to somewhere halfway around the world for an experience of a lifetime.

This site is about experiencing the world using the tools I have learned over the course of years spent traveling. I learn new PRO TIPS every day that will help you travel hack your way across the globe.  Please follow my Instagram account and join me on my wanderlust adventures.

Where I've Been

  • 6 Continents Visited
  • 43 Countries Visited
  • 362672 Air Miles Traveled
  • 3 Credit Cards
  • 124 Airports Visited

How to Afford Expensive Copenhagen, Denmark

The streets of Copenhagen are full of Michelin Stars (19 stars were awarded to 15 restaurants in 2018), hot dog vendors and bicycles…. any one of these delights is worth the trip to the City of Spires. Copenhagen is the ninth most densely populated European city, yet has more...

How to Navigate Havana, Cuba as an American Citizen

After a year on sabbatical working as an independent consultant, Edyta found a new position with an approaching start date. So, naturally I started researching cheap flights for a 5 to 7 day trip.  I found flights to Singapore, Columbia, and Peru for under $400. However, each of...

Hunting Banksy’s in Bristol

anksy is one of the world’s most premier street artists. He constantly finds ways to stay relevant and garners worldwide news coverage when a new piece of his graffiti lands in the streets. Yet this notorious modern-day Robin Hood was born and raised in Bristol, England.  A city of...

My Trip to Banksy’s Dismaland Bemusement Park w/ Photos

anksy is one of the world’s most premier street artists.  After watching his Academy Award nominated documentary film “Exit Though The Gift Shop” I swore to myself that I would attend his next big art event.  My opportunity came along in 2015.  Banksy announced the...

Sydney in 5 Days

Flying from Toronto to Sydney, Australia alone for only five days is crazy right…is it?  This is my five day journey to Sydney through the sleepy, hazy eyes of wicked jet lag. FYI: I had a $400 credit from United Airlines and I found an $880 flight from YYZ to SYD with a layover in...

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