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Israel & Palestine

Palestine has been in the news for sometime and when I told people I would be heading there in October everyone’s first response was “Why?” and their second response always “is it safe?”

Thanks to Banksy’s new Walled Off Hotel Bethlehem, Palestine is seeing an uptick of tourist activity not only focused on the Church of the Nativity.  The hotel sits at the foot of the “wall” built by Israel as a safety measure.  The Hotel boasts the worlds worst view, but it might be one of the most unique views.

The hotel has an incredibly friendly staff who will go out of their way to extend traditional Arabic hospitality. The breakfast is free and to-die-for.  My morning order during my 3 breakfast stay was always the same: Coffee, Egg of the day, hummus and falafel with flatbread.

The private rooms start at: $215, but there is also a budget option; a hostile-style barracks room that is co-ed with a shared separate shower and toilet that consists of 3 bunkbeds.  Everyone received there own locker with lock and key, which has a hotel safe inside.

and there is a wonderful outdoor restaurant called Hosh Jasmin,   A cab can take you there from the hotel.



Getting There: It is pretty affordable to get to Tel Aviv one you are in Israel. Your best bet is checking with Aegean Airlines-SkyTraxx’s Best Regional Airlines 2017.  The first time I flew Aegean was by accident. My itinerary was hijacked by a Ryan Air point-to-point delay so we were trying to get to Athen’s and had 20 minutes to book a flight at the counter on Aegean. It cost $99 and took us from Chania, Crete to Athens a 50 minute flight. On this 50 minute flight we had 2 rounds of drink service and a meal. Very impressive for an up and down.






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