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Author - Edyta

Peru, Bolivia and Chile

Peru, Bolivia and Chile September 2018 When North Americans think about the places they “must-see”, the one that is a guaranteed Top 3 contender is Machu Picchu. Machu Picchu What an epic, astounding, spiritual, inspirational and out-of-this-world… resort. Yup. That’s right folks, it’s a resort. Well at least that’s what it was constructed as – a getaway destination...

Last Minute 3 Day Trip To Oahu

Last minute trips are the best – especially when you’re escaping your cold local climate to the beautiful Hawaii… There’s just something about this place that is magical. The climate, the scenery, the people being so chill – literally everyone is smiling all the time. In my opinion the 5+ hour flight from mainland USA is worth it, even if only for a few days. Search...

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