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United States

The United States is a gigantic land mass bordered by the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans to the East and West. To the South lies the Gulf of Mexico and to the North the Great Lakes. In between lie the Continental Divide, Mojave Desert, National Parks and Monuments, white-sand beaches, bustling metropolises and quaint small towns with food and accents that vary from state to state. It is truly a site to see.

Miami, Florida-Wynwood Walls

Art Basel Miami has been on my radar for some time now. I have a standing invite from a gallery but have not made the leap of faith do to the fear of bankruptcy (I purchase a lot of art). Thanks to an amazing roundtrip price of $129 from JFK to Miami Edyta and I headed down to Miami Beach for 2 days.  The goal was to hit up Wynwood Walls and check out the new...

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