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Travel Tips

Research is the most important tool to succeeding in life.  Travel and research go hand in hand.  The more you research the more you will know and the better traveler you will become.  Here are a few of my favorite travel links to start you off on your next journey:

tripmasters– I found our 7 day self-driving tour of Ireland on this website: $699 a person for a 3 person hotel occupancy. This price included the car, hotel stay and round-trip flight to Dublin.

Spirit Airlines–  A low-cost airlines operating in the United States that offers super low pricing if you join their $9 Fare Club.

Budget Travel–  Hit up their real deals page. You will find unbelievable pricing if you are willing to travel during the off-season or if you are über flexible with your travel schedule.

airbnb–  If you want to find to feel like a Parisian while in Paris or a Venetian while in Venice click on this link.  You will find local rooms, apartments and unique living quarters available for rent directly through the owner of the property.  “When in Rome” is not just a metaphor it’s also a lifestyle.

couchsurfing–  It’s not for everyone, but if you are really budget conscious and a little bit adventurous this is a great way to afford travel long term travel and meet some incredibly open people along the way.  My wife and I couch surfed when we took a road trip from Niagara Falls down the East Coast of the United States through Pensacola and down to New Orleans.  Don’t forget your host is being gracious by letting you bunk with them.  Remember a bottle of wine goes a long way.

TravelPony:  A new discount hotel site that tends to be 10% cheaper than the bigger players like hotels.com, expedia.com, travelocity.com etc.

skiplagged: 3 words is all that is needed to explain what this website is to a traveler..Just Plain Genius!  Check it out and be amazed.

norwegianair:  JFK to Oslo one way for $179 USD enough said!

Gate1Travel: I found out about this escorted tours travel agency while climbing Nea Kameni in Santorini, Greece. My wife and I had struck up a conversation with a man from Denver who was on a 8 day Mediterranean cruise that left Spain and cost only $500.  I started following their Weekly Deals and we booked an 18 Day India & Nepal adventure (mostly due to safety reasons for female travelers in India). Blog post to come.

Secret Flying: an airline deals page that posts advertised deals along with error fares. There are some great bargains here including Error Fares for Business Class.

GTFO:  Get The Flight Out is a spontaneous iOS ONLY App  (boo) that sorts the bet available same day and next day round trip flights in order of least expensive from an airport of your choosing.  For those of you looking for a little spontaneity and adventure in your life I suggest you give this app a spin. I have really wanted to try this app out myself so stay tuned…

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